Position Practice

CrossFit WOD Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of: IMG_9959IMG_995810 L Pull-ups (strict) 10 Handstand Push-ups 20 Hip Extensions

Strength Focus

Deadlift- Build to a tough in 12 Minutes

**** means 4 consecutive reps, not touch and go, but no leaving the bar. Control the decent, stop at the bottom and completely reset then lift again.

IMG_9913 IMG_9911 Being good at life means being able to move through it efficiently.  The best way to become good and efficient at anything is to practice it.  What I have found by broadening my experiences through various sports and learning new skills over the years is that there is only one right way to move and that right way transcends across all different sports and skill.  A collapsed ankle and knee position is never good whether it is seen in basketball or under a heavy squat.  Either way that knee is compromised and is going to get hurt.  A rounded back picking up a stone in your yard or a heavy deadlift at the gym has strong potential for injury and chronic problems for a long time.  Practicing quality movement, especially in CrossFit where we use intensity and fatigue to challenge the positions found inside the movement, will make those positions and movements even stronger.  So work heavy and work and push hard but remember quality of movement comes first.

IMG_9888 IMG_9940 IMG_9939 Modifications for development of the L-Pullup: a kip swing into the L, holding the knees up to reduce the lever arm pull on the back, or strict pull-ups are good scaling options for the L pull-up. From there, the jumping kip swing pull-up allows the beginner to practice the mechanics of the kipping pull-up while developing pulling strength. Set up under a bar that bisects the forearm when standing under the bar with the arms extended.

IMG_9946 IMG_9890 IMG_9893 Use the pike push-up, feet set up on a higher box, as the scaling option for handstand push-ups and strive to get the feet as close as possible to the hands. Also may use Headstand kipped to Handstand as more advanced scale (with understanding it's not full ROM HSPU), or practice headstands for balance.

IMG_9945 IMG_9937 IMG_9934 Welcome to Ben, visiting us from CF Uncensored (CA)!

IMG_9944IMG_9943 During the hip extensions the spine stays neutral throughout the entire range of motion, see video. Do not sacrifice the position of the spine for range of motion or speed.

IMG_9894 IMG_9897