Poppin Tags Team WOD Tuesday

CrossFit 2013 Regionals Team Workouts #2 and #3!Teams of 6: 3 men and 3 women
Team Event 2: 7 Minutes to find      * Women do event 2 while Men do event 3.
3 Rep Max Overhead Squat                      then 2 mintes to switch*
          Rest 2 minutes
Team Event 3: 7 Minute AMRAP:
Burpee Muscle Ups



IMG_1946 IMG_1950 IMG_1901

IMG_1954 IMG_1908 IMG_1940 IMG_1899 IMG_1902
Thanks to everyone that Popped Some Tags today with us. Also a big thanks to those that came in wth an open mind and made it to the gym today to do this Team WOD. Although the schedule got changed those that did come in really enjoyed the WOD. You should definately make it up on Thursday!