Pick Bar Up - Put Bar Down

IMG_6237CrossFit WODDeadlift 1-1-1-1-1

Strength Focus: Muscle Clean + Push Press

IMG_6238Complete 3 rounds: 1 Muscle Clean to Push Press…2 Muscle Cleans to 2 Push Presses…3 Muscle Cleans to 3 Push Presses and so on until you can not complete the progression. Once you fail, rest 3-4 minutes, decide if you went too heavy or too light, adjust the weight if need be and try to beat your previous rounds.

*Each Muscle Clean must start on the ground.

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Deadlifting Will Not Get You Laid But It Will Make You Awesome: 8 Common Deadlift Mistakes

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1. Pulling Heavy Weights Without a Stable Neutral Spine 2. Jerking the Weight Off the Floor 3. Incorrect Breathing 4. Incorrect Use of a Belt 5.  Deadlifting in Oly Shoes 6. Not Checking Your Ego 7.  Not Respecting the Weight 8.  Dropping the Weight During Training