Painstorm-March 17th!

Saturday, March 17-yes, that is only 2 weekends away-will be a CrossFit Painstorm at CrossFit Flagstaff!

The History: (courtesy
The first Painstorm was a gathering of some of the UK Crossfitters. Given that some of them traveled up 6 hours (by bus) for the meeting, no one felt like doing Fran and calling it a day. So the first Painstorm was something like warm up one round of Helen, followed by a typical CF WOD, followed by the Secret Service Snatch test, and of course partying afterwards.

The Painstorm soon evolved into a monthly competition between CrossFit London (represented by Kempie and Karl Steadman), CrossFit Central Scotland (represented by Davie and his crew) some displaced US military (Gordon Limb and some marine flyers in London, Brian White and his group called team Fallujah) and the group from Brand X. Dan Colson from CrossFit Rockford has "happily" joined in for the last three or four.

Karl, Davie and Jeff take turns creating the Painstorms. They tend to be long efforts, in keeping with the original tradition. Weights and reps are scaled of course, so everyone can join in.
(text courtesy of Jeff Martin)

Painstorm XX -from December, Santa's Revenge or "Fight Gone Crazy"
Brought to you by Karl Steadman and friends.

1 min at each station with 1 min rest after each 5 ( Fight Gone Bad style).
TWO rounds (Two times through each rotation 40 minutes of total work time).
Score equals total reps just like FGB (only worse).

Rotation A
1 - hspu
2 - m/up
3 - squats
4 - sit ups
5 - pull ups

Rotation B
1 - kbell swing
2 - kbell left arm snatch
3 - kbell walking lunge
4 - kbell right arm snatch
5 - kbell goblet squat

Rotation C
1 - push press
2 - sdhp
3 - split jerk
4 - power clean
5 - thruster

Rotation D

1 - burpees
2 - 10m sprint
3 - pull up
4 - push up
5 - row

Loading is 40kg (95lb) with 16kg kbell. Scale to suit.