Overhead Squats

95 lb.
Overhead Squats
75 perfect reps for time

Overhead Squatting Safely Vid
OH Squats Going Heavy Vid
WOD Video
Most people worked on form today, not so much for speed.
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Jason, thanks, as always, for a great example of what we're looking for in that squat!

Amanda, great depth, shoulder position, and stability.  Keep working on pulling that chest up into a more upright posture.  

This was Carrie's first time doing OH Squats!  Awesome depth and form!  Pull those shoulders back bit more and drive that bar more overhead or slightly back.  Nice work!

Isabelle, great squat form, as always.  Narrow up your stance just a bit and keep resting those shoulders so you can go heavier-which we know you're capable of!

Connie-also her first time doing OH Squats!  As always, your drive and determination are admirable.  Keep pulling back on those shoulders and stretching that knee to go deeper and deeper!  Awesome job!

Kyle, you really are improving, even though you feel frustrated.  The heavier weight got your heels popping and the lighter weight was better.  Your squat form is so much better.  Just keep at it.  When I stepped on your heels, you did just fine, so most of it is connecting your brain with those muscles and making them do the right thing.  You're getting there!