Overhead Squats and Box Jumps

CrossFit WOD - IMG_2468 IMG_24654 rounds for time of:      20 Overhead squats - 115-lb./75-lb.*      20 Box jumps - 30-inch/24-inch*

10-12 min time intent/15 min CAP, approximate 2 - 2 1/2 min per round, reduce the reps if unable to meet this time domain after the first round. When executing box jumps, ensure the hips fully extend by standing up all the way before coming off the box to begin the next rep.

Strength WOD - 1 x power snatch + 2 x hang squat snatch (Work up to max 1+2 for the day)

IMG_2403 IMG_2458 IMG_2419 IMG_2410 IMG_2408 IMG_2429 IMG_2452 IMG_2407 IMG_2446 IMG_2435 IMG_2432

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