Overhead Squats

Overhead Squats
(vid 2) (vid 3
3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1 rep rounds
Increase load each round for 1 rep max at last rd.

OHS competition and heavy load videos-critique form with your own eyes:
Competition ,Nicole BWx15, John BWx15, Going Heavy OH
Img_2203 Img_2255
Just for a little perspective on how far Cullen has come...this series is from today.  Great form, PR of 154 lb., shoulders and core are SO much more solid!
Img_2153 Img_2154 Img_2157 Img_2159_3 Img_2160_2 Img_2162

Compare to just this past August.  It was tough to hold 70-80lb. overhead, squat without being too wide, or coming forward onto his toes a bit.  A lot of effort in Cullen's face.  He was doing well at that time, especially since he had just started CrossFit, but I have been really impressed with his progress and wanted to share what I have seen.  Today he made those OHS look pretty easy!  You've come a long way, Baby!

Img_74861 Img_74891 Img_7657 Img_7658

Many people got PR's today, actually!  STRONG work on all the focus, determination, and improving of form that gets you all there!  Keep it up! 

Img_2180_2 Img_2128_2 Img_2090_2

Buck got 110lb. today-total PR and huge squat form improvement.  That back surgery seems to have been a good thing!  Chloe PR'd today at 92lb., and Mo had her 1st shot at OHS!

Img_2230 Img_2252 Img_2243_2


Both Amanda and Tara PR'd today at 121lbs.!  They got that breakthrough with first breaking through on getting heavier jerks from behind the head.  Strong effort and awesome push, Ladies!  Thank you, Tara, for pushing all of us to improve and try harder tonight.

Patty, strong work on cremating your previous PR and squatting 86lb.  It sure helps the mental game when you think kg are lbs.!

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