Overhead Squats

Img_6695Img_6692_resize_2 WOD
For Time:

                -95 lb.M/65 lb. W

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Initiation from the knees....     Initiation from the hips, using hip flexors to pull back and down.
Steve had vast improvement in his overhead squat form today.  I have been seeing the tendency lately to be determined to use the absolute prescribed weight written on the board for the workout, even if it's really too heavy to be performed with good form.  If the weight is too heavy and your form is compromised as a result, you are still not doing the workout as prescribed.  It's not an overhead squat if your heels are off the ground and your load is forward of your ears, arms and shoulders are not locked out, and midline is unable to stabilize the weight.  Practice form, use lighter weight to stretch through the inflexibility and to train the better neuromuscular connection, then increase the weight as you get better.  This is what happened with Steve.  I haven't seen his overhead squat look as good as it did after he decreased his weight and practiced better form.