Overhead Squats 3x5

IMG_6779 WOD
For Load:

  • Overhead Squats

           3-3-3-3-3 rep sets

CrossFit instructional videos on the squat:
Air Squat Demo w/explanations...[wmv][mov]
Overhead Squatting Safely...[wmv][mov]
Overhead Squat Basics...[wmv][mov]
Overhead Squat Elements...[wmv][mov]
Squat Faults...[wmv][mov]

IMG_6521 IMG_6601 

Robin is to be commended for all the hard work, focus, and consistency he has been putting into his training, and his squat is showing it.  GREAT improvement, Big Dog!!  Welcome back, Kate!!

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Bill OH Squats 80kg 5 times.  That was his 1-rep max.  That is no longer his 1-rep max.

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