Open 17.5

Workout 17.5 10 rounds for time of: 9 thrusters 35 double-unders

Men use 95 lb. Women use 65 lb.


THEN, we "Close-the-OPEN" with an after-party!

WHY the Open?  Why have we pushed our athletes to participate?  The Open is the first step in determining the fittest on earth and it leads to finding the 20 athletes in a region that will go to Regionals. The top 5 athletes from each of the Regionals goes to the CrossFit Games. The best part is this first step is for everyone, and that’s what we love about it. It’s a chance to compete. It may only be for five weeks, but just like me, you too can sign up and test your fitness against your friends at CrossFit HellBox or around the world. You can see where your numbers stack up against the best athletes on the planet no matter how far back you might end up.

If you love to compete, than it’s a chance to compete across the whole CrossFit world. It’s also a forum to test your fitness and make sure you are getting more fit and becoming a more well rounded athlete.  I know not everyone loves to compete but everyone should love the fact that they have proof they are improving their weaknesses. Another reason I love the Open is because of the atmosphere it creates in all the affiliates.  Everyone is focused on the same tough workouts, sharing their struggles and accomplishments, and reveling in their fitness.  Yes, the open workouts are tough, really tough. Not because they are super intricate but because they are simple tests of fitness covering a certain core group of movements in perfect combination. CrossFit always prides itself on the “unknown and unknowable” element of competition, and that aspect remains true today just as it did in 2007 at the very first CrossFit Games.

One of the greatest things about the Open is that every year people post videos of themselves getting their first pullup, or muscle up or handstand pushup, that amazing accomplishment is always pushed by competition.  Here in our own community we saw MANY break-throughs and PR's this year!  The power of the Open and of the strength of community drives this!

HUGE congrats to these 3 for their persistence and subsequent break-throughs on Double Unders!!

Almost every workout is designed as an AMRAP with the majority of them being short, 10 minutes or less, to the longest at 20 minutes. Almost every year a workout is repeated from a previous Open, what better way to see how much you have improved than by repeating the same workout a year or 2 later?

Parents are competing alongside their children, our young athletes are growing in their skills and PR's alongside the adults, through the Open, further deepening bonds and the love of a strong work ethic and shared adversity.

My opinion is that everyone should do the Open. I know there are a lot of reasons that people do the Open and don’t do the Open. One I hear quite a bit is that they “aren’t ready” or “haven’t been doing CrossFit very long.” That’s not a great excuse, in fact, with all the workouts for the Open being scalable (as are all CrossFit workouts), there is no level of experience that anyone needs to have in order to participate. If your excuse is you can’t afford it, than your lying! $20 dollars to enter a worldwide competition is nothing compared to the $40 or $50 or even more it costs to enter your local 5K. Why pay $20 to enter the Open?  It creates value and buy-in and lets you see your results up against everyone else. Could you do the Open workouts on your own in your box or affiliate? Sure. Could you go run a 5K on your own around town? Sure. But paying to be a part of the official experience and to put your scores out there for the whole world to see cultivates a vested interest in the process.

At the heart of it all is community.  Every week, we aired the live announcement when the workout was announced and gathered to watch, be inspired, and cheer on our favorite professional CrossFit athlete, and then watch our friends and coaches do the workout Thursday nights and as the WOD on each Friday for 5 weeks. I hope you all saw the value in proving your fitness and committing yourself to the 5 weeks of the Open and felt the wave of excitement and possibility.

From here, we go forward and grow - ready for another year!

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