Closing the Open with 16.5 and a Party!

The CrossFit Games OPEN 2016 closed out the 5th workout with a repeat - the 2014 14.5!  Time to test your fitness and see if you have improved across broad time and modal domains! IMG_6872CrossFit Workout - Open 16.5

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of: Thrusters Burpees

Rx'd and Teens 16-17 Men use 95 lb. Women use 65 lb.

IMG_6871Scaled and Masters 55+ - 65 lb/45 lb

Strength Focus 5 rounds: 3 mod. weight Box Squats followed immediately by 3 high Box Jumps

IMG_6816 IMG_6819 Something magical happens during the Open. Fear and doubt go out the window and countless people find themselves transitioning over the rings or bar for their first muscle up or finally whipping a jump rope fast enough for their first double under. IMG_6820 IMG_6773 IMG_6778 Athletes all over the world achieve feats of strength and athleticism that once seemed impossible. Watching a friend conquer something that he or she has struggling with since that first nervous day at the box is incredibly rewarding. IMG_6775 IMG_6790 Many beginners get stuck in a cycle of always choosing to fall short of what they’re truly capable of doing. But because Open workouts are judged, you’re forced to maintain movement standards and try things you think are out of your reach. Henry Ford said it best: “If you think you can, or you think you can’t - you’re right.” IMG_6823 IMG_6742 IMG_6738 The silver lining is that the Open will expose your weaknesses and provide a training roadmap for the next year. You might be surprised at how motivated you feel to train harder after failing in an Open workout. Once competition is over, there are 47 weeks until the next Open. That’s a lot of time to improve strength and skills. IMG_6750 IMG_6749IMG_6735 Judging will make you a better athlete because watching people move is a great way to develop an eye for quality movement. You’ll begin to notice common mistakes that run rampant in CrossFit boxes and you may start to wonder if you’re guilty of the same mistakes. “I hope I don’t look like that when I work out.” IMG_6754IMG_6733IMG_6774IMG_6771IMG_6767IMG_6797IMG_6747IMG_6746

5 reasons you joined the Open, threw your hat in the ring, and competed....and will hopefully feel inspired and excited to do it again next year!  Super proud of all those who did it this year!  Your fight and accomplishments were SO inspiring and exciting!

Reason #1: Believe It Or Not, You ARE Good Enough!

One of the reasons I have frequently heard from many as to why they didn't want to do the Open is that they simply didn’t think they’d be able to complete the workouts.  Admittedly, at the Rx weights, they are definitely be challenging, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from participating.

The idea of the Open, at least for the majority of CrossFitters, isn’t to qualify for Regionals or Games as much as it is to simply test ourselves.  The Open WOD’s push you as much as anything you’ve done, but we’re willing to bet you’ll look back on them and smile knowing you just pushed yourself more than you thought possible.  Don't you agree, now being able to look back?

Reason #2: You Got to Participate With the ENTIRE CrossFit Community

As much as we’re enjoying building our CrossFit family here in Flagstaff, CrossFit is really a global community and this is your opportunity to join in the fun.

When you register for the Open your name and scores are on the CrossFit website along with everyone else.  You’re able to compare your results to others from across the globe and see where you stack up.  You are part of something greater than us and than your own workout here in Flagstaff.

Reason #3:  You Got To Gauge Your Progress And Set Goals for Next Year

No matter your reason for participating in CrossFit, we hope one of your goals is to get better each time you come in. Whether improvement for you means increasing your strength, reducing your times on WODs, losing unwanted pounds, or simply improving your ability to participate in life, CrossFit is all about getting better.

What the Open provides is the opportunity to see where you’re at in a very clear manner. Throughout the Open you’ve been able to challenge yourself with a variety workouts that have tested you at every level and now that you’re finished, you have a clear picture of the areas where you can improve the rest of the year.

Reason #4:  You Didn’t Have To Travel To Compete

This really is one of the biggest benefits of the CrossFit Open. Competitions are one of the most exciting aspects of CrossFit because it tends to bring out the best in everyone.  Unfortunately, to compete in a CrossFit competition you usually have to travel somewhere which involves lots of time and money.

However, with the Open you’ve been able to compete right from the friendly confines of your home CrossFit box.  That means you didn’t need to take time away from your family, shell out for the cost of travel AND you still got all the excitement that comes from competition!

Reason #5:  You Were Going to Do The Workouts Anyway!

Yep, whether you wanted to or not you were going to be doing the workouts from this year’s CrossFit Open regardless of signing up as a competitor.  Since we program them in as part of our WOD’s during the weeks of the Open, you may as well make things official!

-adapted from CF Wylie

IMG_6810 IMG_6830 IMG_6829IMG_6828 IMG_6836 IMG_6831 GREAT to have Adam, Matt, and Julia join us from CO!!!

IMG_6832 IMG_6843IMG_6845 IMG_6840 IMG_6759 Audrey's face spoke for all of us about our opinion on this workout!  However, it's hard to beat all the amazing PR's from those who did this workout in 2014!

Now - it's time to PARTY!

12898307_10206838045402338_7870182001569541777_o IMG_6849 IMG_6856IMG_6851Kelly and David EARNED this recovery food tonight!

IMG_6858 IMG_6869 IMG_6864 IMG_6862

Sound off with your accomplishments from these past 5 weeks!  What were your break throughs  How did the Open help you??


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