Oly OT2M - Forging Steel


7 sets x 2 reps On-The-2nd Minute @ 85%

Clean & Jerk
7 x 2 OT-2M @ 85%

Core Work:  3 rounds - 60 second plank, 10 weighted hip extensions

IMG_9866 IMG_9866

Faces of emotion over more Oly OTM's! Pure excitement and maybe a little trepidation!

IMG_9892 IMG_9892

When faced with a challenge or a tough situation, remind yourself that persevering will always make you stronger. 

The more you are tested whether it be in your training; your personal life; at work or elsewhere, it is these situations that will ultimately make you stronger.  The tougher the challenge, the stronger you will become.  After all… the strongest steel is forged from the hottest fires.

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