Old School/New School

Weightlifting competitions pre-1972 consisted of three lifts: Clean & Press, Snatch, and the Clean & Jerk. The Press is a great strength building and testing lift, but three-lift meets were taking too long. These days just the snatch and the jerk are used in competition. Most meets - then and now - took the best successful attempt of each lift and added that weight to the competition total. A new twist used with schoolage kids today is to take the best two attempts in each lift and use that for the total. This encourages beginners to take reasonable attempts, lifts that the coach is pretty sure the lifter can make. This builds confidence and encourages consistency in technique.

With that, this workout is the old pre-1972 lifts done in schoolage format.  The Bulgarians would consider this type of workout to be a "control" day, where once a month or more training takes on a competition-like atmosphere.

Michaelsnatchpulls 100_1763