Old Friends and New Friends

3 Rounds for Time:

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Lindsey's back flattens but stays flat through the lift, keeping the spine safe.
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Julia's back also flattens out a bit as she moves through the lift, but stays safe.  She, and others, did lose it to a more rounded spine in later lifts and took their weight down so that she could maintain better form.  Many today wanted to push the heavier weights and everyone struggled with form as a result.  Work that form and neuromuscular awareness first, increase the weight later.
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Nice squat position to start the thrusters...and awesome hip extension, putting momentum on that bar!
Img_3582_resize Img_3670_resize Img_3665_resize Img_3638
Good overhead position!  Seeing a lot of improvements here!
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Welcome back to those faces we haven't seen in awhile, and welcome to those of you who are new faces to us in the last few weeks!  Our crew is growing!

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