OK I'll take the first bite.

   I've always been the guy to break the uncomfortable silence, so here it goes.  Weighing in at 189.6 Fri. morning.  Down 14lbs from July 15th.  I know that scale weight doesn't matter, but I need some raw data.  So like it or not, I'm setting a goal weight of 178, then I'll worry about the BF%, etc.

    I have been using the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) protocol for eating.  Yesterday I cooked up a pound of ground elk.  Breakfast = 3oz. elk, 2 eggs, green Chile sauce with an apple and a banana 1/2 and 1/2 in my coffee for fat blocks. Lunch and Dinner 3oz elk mixed with 1.5 cups refried beans and some cashews.  Snack before bed 1 beer for good health and some string cheese.

    So some random musings about the Zone.  I have self admittedly been Zoning for vanity.  That being said......the Zone kicks ass, Fri. I did the WOD at 0530 with Lisa (on a cup of coffee).  Went breakfast with my boys at Mike and Rhonda's (breakfast burro with fruit on the side).  Went for 4.5 hour bike ride during the day and felt great.  I am still working on fueling for the longer distance efforts, really ran of of sugar/calories after the ride and had to down some simple sugars (Mug rootbeer to the rescue).  Sidenote:  The Zone has caused a radical change in my lifestyle,  mid-ride I had to haul-ass for the porta-john at Shultz Creek (getting used the the fiber, I guess). 

    How's it going for the rest of CF Flag???

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