Oh. Neat.

IMG_9477Strength Focus

IMG_9478Front Squat
1x1 Heavy
2x1 Moderate

CrossFit WOD
1. Snatch
    3 x 1, heavy

IMG_94392. “Neat”
3 rounds for reps of:
   Kettlebell Swings -1.5 pood M/1 pood W
   Wall Ball -20#, 10' M/14#, 9' W

Round 1-  :50 on, :10 off after each movement
Round 2-  :45 on, :15 off after each movement
Round 3-  :40 on, :20 off after each movement

IMG_9429 IMG_9429 IMG_9429

Welcome to your 1st class, Donnie!

IMG_9447 IMG_9447 IMG_9452 IMG_9452 IMG_9431 IMG_9431 IMG_9459

Welcome back for another visit from Alaska, Ashley!

Today’s MWod episode is a great fix for those pesky tight tissues of your armpit/scap region.  When athletes are missing basic range of motion (Ie. they are dys-supple) the body has to account for force generation in those compromised and compensated positions.  For example, if your shoulder sits anterior in the socket (Delta-Bravo shoulder postion) muscles of your rotator cuff like the subscapularis have to work in really horrific positions.  This is one of the reasons why poor positioning begets poor mobility (it’s a wonderfully developed positive feed back loop that creates work for doctors, physios, chiros, osetos, etc).   So a matted down sub scap is likely just  a symptom of poor shoulder mechanics.   So, fix your shoulder mechanics, and treat the symptom.  We  work with some pretty badass/strong athletes, I have to get my hands pretty fired up to get into the armpit of the likes of a Diane Fu or Jesse Burdick.  So I don’t.  Instead, they are waaaay more effective at treating this stiff rotator cuff tissue.  Heck, you’ve already gone to the trouble of tapping or voodoo flossing a ball to a barbell. Might as well clean up this shoulder while you are at it.

Mission:  Two min a side.

Test/Restest:  Shoulder extension and pull up

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