October Free Saturday

IMG_1821CrossFit WOD - "Strict Press Biathalon" Run 800 Meters 21 Unbroken Strict Presses (95/65) Run 800 Meters 18 Unbroken Strict Presses (95/65) Run 800 Meters 15 Unbroken Strict Presse (95/65) *200 Meter Penalty Run anytime the strict press is broken*IMG_1827

Comp Squad Row 500 meters for time

Thanks to all those who came for our Free Saturday event this month! Every Saturday our 10:00 a.m. class is open to the public to attend and join us in a workout for our drop-in rate. Each month, we host a Free Saturday open house/workout. Great job to all who joined us today!

IMG_1789 IMG_1791 IMG_1792IMG_1813 IMG_1809 IMG_1810

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