Nuts and Bolts - Double Unders!

Nuts & Bolts Double Unders clinic with Shane Rogers from RPM Speed Rope!

Big thanks to Shane for putting on a really great Double Unders clinic for our Nuts and Bolts class tonight!  We had 35 people show up and we saw LOTS of new Double Under PR's and first Double Unders accomplished!  Look for Shane to return for another clinic in the next couple of months, to teach and refine!

Great job to all of you who came out and took some lashings to focus on some technique work and get better!

IMG_4807 IMG_4810 IMG_4810


And look at this pretty lady getting a PR on unbroken Double Unders - with a 2 minute tutorial and in a dress!

IMG_4815 IMG_4815 IMG_4815 IMG_4822 IMG_4822

Got Double Unders?

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