Nutrition Lecture - Saturday!

This Saturday, Mike and I will be holding a lecture and discussion on Nutrition after the free Saturday class.  The hour to hour and a half lecture will begin about 10:30 and we will offer question and answer and discussion time afterwards.

The cost will be $25 at the door.

  • Learn why sugar and too much carbohydrate are the cause of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes and why fat is not the culprit.

  • Learn that a low fat diet is not the way to change body composition.

  • Learn how to eat more cleanly, simply, and move yourself from sickness to wellness to fitness.

  • Learn how to take your performance to the next level and how to influence your health and longevity through what you eat.

Please come prepared to ask questions.

Please look through our Nutrition website for reading material and information that can help you formulate questions.

Daily WODTara Ross1 Comment