Nutrition Challenge Wrap Up

Wrapping Up

When we started this challenge, we were hoping to accomplish several things. First and foremost, we wanted to expose those of you who weren't familiar with the Paleo diet to the basics of it.  Next, we wanted to give an option to the "cold turkey" method that some of you had a hard time with in the past.  Not only were you overwhelmed with all the "rules", but having to adjust overnight meant that sometimes you were eating things you weren't supposed to without even knowing it.  Lastly, we wanted to show you some "levels" of the Paleo diet, and help you to see which level you could get to before it started becoming a challenge.  Everyone gets to a different spot before they have to start making difficult adjustments.  Losing the dairy products to some is nothing, while others go nuts without it.  We wanted you to find your level, and then you could push past that level, and even formulate a plan for getting to that next step. 

So how did you do?  Do you think this was easier or harder than "cold turkey"?  Did you see any results or changes since starting Paleo?  Are you likely to stay Paleo, or at least stay at the level you can handle for a while before pushing further?  We want to hear from you.  Post your thoughts to comments.  Oh, and stay tuned for more nutrition fun in the future!