November Free Saturday - Positive Energy!

Thank you to all of those who came and played with CrossFit Flagstaff today!  We hope you had fun, discovered new things, and that we will see you back again!


For those who have done this Run and Jumping Pullup WOD before, compare to Aug 2008 and Feb 2010

Maintaining Physical, Social and Mental Fitness for Peak Performance

This article from the Harvard Business Review struck me as a great reflection on CrossFit.  For those new to the concept of CrossFit, maybe those who are intimidate but intrigued, the following excerpts might help you see CrossFit better through the eyes of "We Train to Not Suck At Life" vs. so much of a "gym training that's too difficult for me" scope.  That is our intent and goal.  We expect that the things you learn in here will not stay in the gym as you leave our door, but that you will apply them to your life - physically enabling you to do more, interacting and reacting to new and varied social and mental situations more comfortably and confidently, stretching you and your experiences to places you didn't know existed for you.  Welcome to being comfortable with uncomfortable.

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Whatever we give energy to, we give life to. For example, if we (even unintentionally) infuse negative energy, the brain reacts a certain way that reinforces a more unconstructive environment. Another more positive example is that if we focus on positive reinforcement of effort, process, and learning, we can create a growth mindset.

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The counter perspective is that without purpose, intent, and energy, we leave outcomes much more to chance....
...with effort, energy, and practice, there is possibility for peak performance.

...leveraging energy most effectively requires fitness. We need to think about fitness in new ways to include mental fitness, social fitness, and physical fitness. Together, they integrated to provide the source of adaptive functioning.

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Physical fitness refers to the keeping the body fit and operating at peak. Although it is impacted primarily by nutrition and movement, it is not about dieting and a strict exercise regimen. It is about eating the right foods, in the right amounts, at the right times to sustain energy.

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Social fitness refers to how we interact with others across situations. We are inherently social beings. In fact, the brain is wired to reinforce that social things motivate us in positive ways. fitness refers to an individual's ability to speak and act on ones values in the face of situational pressure.

Without effort and energy directed toward understanding something that is unfamiliar or complex, the brain may substitute information when interpreting and acting on the information. The challenge is that we don't know when our interpretations are correct or wrong.

Social fitness creates stronger problem solving and collaboration capabilities. The "we" mindset also contributes to stronger collective intelligence which translated is the collective whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Ultimately this builds integration and contributes to resilience.

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Mental fitness involves the following seven practices — some of which cross over into the physical and social domains: good night's sleep (7-8 hours is recommended), physical activity, focus, reflection, down time, connecting time, and play time.
...sources of energy to build resiliency and drive peak performance.

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The solutions are less about time and more about practice, purpose, and quality. It is about utilizing your mind and body in possibly new and certainly more intentional ways. To achieve optimal performance, they can and should be incorporated into daily routines.
By building our physical, social, and mental fitness, we can build neural pathways that reinforce our capabilities in each of these areas and move us towards overall peak performance.

What is getting your energy?

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