Not quite started.....yet.

Well, as motivated as I was at the zone dinner party and as movtivated as I am every morning I wake up and every evening after I have had my last snack of a chip....I want to get on the zone, but haven't yet.

:( So here I sit tonight, finally figuring out this typepad invitation, after a tasty dinner at Cafe O'le, popcorn as a side to move night with the kido, a taste of chocolate, and a glass or two of wine....I read through all the great posts and realize that the zone will not come to me, but that I need to go to the zone.

Planning seems to be my downfall so far.  I start off the day with a zone breakfast, zone snack, and a few hours later I am eating what I feel like eating because I owe that to myself.  (For no reason). 

So here it goes...a little honest entry & then I might feel like I have made a promise (which I cannot break).  For now, my reason for the zone is two fold, vanity first and performance second.

So here it is!! I promise to start the zone tomorrow morning, the 8th.  This promise is first to Connie (my secret hero!!)  Second to myself.  I am more accountable to others for some reason......

Here is to health!  Thanks for creating this site Lisa!!

See you all tomorrow night...for a follow up on my first day to a healthy life.

Isabelle (67 kgs with clothes on)

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