Next Comp Squad Training Phase!

Our next phase of competition development starts tomorrow!  What is Comp Squad?  Please go to our Comp Squad page to read more details about it.

For the next 4 weeks, Comp Squad training will be programmed for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday's.  We will continue to build strength through the Wendler strength cycle, as well as some Olympic Weightlifting skill development.

For any interested in testing themselves, this training cycle will complete in time for the USAW Olympic Weightlifting meet on June 22nd, at East Valley CrossFit in Phoenix.  We currently have 17 athletes registered to compete and would welcome any and all who wish to get some experience on the platform!  It's a great goal to train for, you weigh in and lift with your weight class, and you can lift at whatever level of experience you are currently at.

We will hold a clinic on practicing the format of how that particular competition works, go over the rules of a USAW competition, and help you get familiar with what the expectations are.

For those unable to go or not interested in competing, use this cycle to continue to develop your current strength and skill level.  There will be plenty of other competition opportunities coming up to test yourself and practice for!

Upcoming Training Schedule:

Wendler 5/3/1 program for a 2 day per week program, Oly skill work focus on Fridays:

Week 1, May 27-31 Monday - Squat and Bench 3x5, Wednesday - DL and Press 3x5, Friday - Oly skill work
Week 2, June 3-7   Monday - Squat and Bench 3x3, Wednesday - DL and Press 3x3, Friday - Oly skill work
Week 3, June 10-14 Monday - Squat and Bench 5/3/1, Wednesday - DL and Press 5/3/1, Friday - Oly skill work
Week 4, June 17-21 Monday Squat and Bench Deload, Wednesday - DL and Press Deload, Friday - Rest for Comp - maybe skill work on Oly lifts to prep for competition