Mrs. Kitty's and crack

            The living room of the house I rented in Bozeman Montana faced the alley entrance of the local adult boutique.  The roommates and I would spend many nights watching the heads of the patrons looking side to side and opening the door just enough to slip inside.  We would all speculate what was going through their heads.  Today, trying to be a good Zoner, but failing miserably, as I pulled into the In and Out Burger, I knew what those men were thinking.  I feel all dirty, but I needed the Double Double and fries.

          For the most part, I can eat mechanically.  I can cook up a slab of protein and eat off it for the week.  Add some veggies or some fruit and I am a happy Zoner.  The times that I am struggling with are

1) On longer endurance type efforts.  I have attempted to eat apples and beef jerky but I bonk out and need some simple sugars.  Not sure what the consensus is, but I have decided to forgo the Zone during these longer efforts.

2)  At work after being up all night.  The carbs call to me.  My brain goes into cheap fuel survival mode, last night at 1am, after a 90% Zone compliant day, I couldn't COULDN'T turn down the chicken tenders and bread pudding offered to me.  Sure I got a terrible gut ache, I felt like a Mac Truck was on my intestines, but I couldn't say no.

That being said.  My sugar intake in the last 7 weeks is at least 1/3 of what it has been in the past.  My fruit/veggie intake is no less than triple it has EVER been.  The weight loss has slowed down, but I feel like I am getting leaner.  So ultimately, I feel better when I eat right and I pay a hefty price when I eat wrong.  Hopefully, I can stay on track.  Thank you to Lisa and this forum for the help.

See you in Sunnyside.

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