Friday, May 10

Baby squat 2

Pick one cue that helps you improve one aspect of your squat. (Pick a different aspect of yout squat from last time.) Today, for all your reps, only think that one cue - but think it AS LOUD AS YOU CAN! Ask someone to watch and see if that aspect of your squat improves.

1.  Mobilize with dynamic stretching - lunge stretches, inchworm, high hurdle steps, scorpion (see photo). Screen-Shot-2012-04-10-at-12.42.15-PM

2.  Warmup with 20 wall squats - slow, controlled, to a butt ball - how close to the wall can you be?  Face the wall for 10, butt to the wall (no butt ball needed) for 10.  10 Depth Jumps down from 16" up to 24".

3. Find 1RM Squat (Back, Front, Box -depending on individual cycle)

4. Decrease to 75-80% of today's 1RM for heavy set of 3.

5. Drop about 20 to 30% off of that and do 2 sets of 5 with the best form you can muster, trying to come up as fast out of the hole as you possibly can.