More Accomplishments and Good-Bye's

Steven Roessig was awarded the AZ Daily Sun Athlete of the Year!

He took third place in the triple jump (44 feet, 6 inches), tied for sixth in the high jump (6-00) and finished 16th in the pole vault (12-06) and is the Boys Track and Field Athlete of the Year.  Strong work, Steven!  We are excited to have you back at CrossFit!

StevenR __________________________________________________________

Heather and Krista got down and dirty in the Foam Fest mud race in Scottsdale last weekend!

Foam Fest - before Foam Fest - before Foam Fest - before

"It wasn't a metered race, no time, just for fun (and dirt)!  We had to drive all the way back to Flagstaff like that, covered in dried mud as there we no bathrooms, just 2 outdoor hoses!  Crazy!"


More faces we will miss, as they move on in their own lives.....

IMG_9116 IMG_9116 IMG_9116

Nate Williams, Matt Black, and Brandon Curtis all graduated this Spring and have moved away to take jobs and follow their new career paths in other places.  Congratulations and good luck to all of you!  Michelle has moved to Seattle to go to school, and Heidi is leaving to pursue some other training endeavors.  It has been an absolute pleasure having you all as part of the gym and we will miss each of you.  You've all been an important part of this community and we hope we see you again, down the journey of your lives!

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