Monday, May 20



Your central nervous system has done nearly three weeks of repetative hard work. We're going to help it relax and reset with a funny-looking warm-up. Laughter is OK, it helps, too.

1. Mobilize.

2. CNS Reset warm-up:

     Lay down on your back and roll over 3 times to one side. Roll back 3 times.

     Crawl accross the gym on hands and knees. Crawl back.

     Bear Crawl accross the gym. (On hands & feet, knees don't touch the ground.)

     March accross the gym. Hold your head up high, swing your arms, and lift your knees up high. March back.

     Skip accross the gym. Skip back.

3. Work up to a 1RM Squat.

4. Use 60-80% of today's 1RM for 3 sets of 3 reps.

5. Go for a walk. 200 to 400 meters. Hold your head up high and swing your arms. Especially if you're going to do the WOD.


*For more ideas on care & feeding for your CNS, check out Tim Anderson's books and website. Or bug Scott Francis about it when he's back in Flagstaff.