Monday, June 10

"On the one hand, CrossFitis a sport unlike others in that the overwhelming majority of its spectators and fans all partake in the sport. On the other hand, we beat ourselves up too much by thinking we aren't as 'good' when comparing our fitness to others or to our elite CF athletes, or worse yet, believing the facade that you 'should' be fitter than where you're at (a great recipe for disappointment and low self-esteem). It's so easy to lose sight of what CF is really about (here's a's not the Open, Regionals or the Games). If it were, this sport of ours would be selfishly egotistical and about ourselves. The truth is, if you were good enough, you wouldn't be where you're at. Accepting reality and this fundamental truth is the first step to enlightenment and freedom. And if you're not where you want to be, by all means go and do what needs to be done to be the best FOR YOU in order to change." - wise words from my good friend, Chris Russell.  True wisdom and experience teaches us to be mindful of being in the present moment, and acknowledging where we are in our journey and where we are headed.. and not to compare ourselves constantly to others' achievements.

1. Mobility. Do what ever helps your squat the most. But be sure to spend at least 2 minutes in the bottom position of an air squat.  For Bench: Open up thoracic spine on a hard foam roller - grab onto a KB from behind the foam roller for some leverage on the stretch. lacrosse ball into the traps, lats, and thoracic musculature.

2. Warm up with 3 supersets of 12 Reverse Prisoner Lunges (hands behind head, step back, keep weight on front heel, 6 per leg) and 6 pretty Air Squats.

3.  Wendler Phase 3 Back Squat and Bench Press

(training 1RM = 90% of PR)

  • 75% of training weight x5
  • 85% of training weight x3
  • 95% of training weight x1+

4.  3 rounds for total reps of:

DB Hang Power Cleans + Push Press, AMRAP 15 seconds (50# M/35# W)
Rest 45 seconds
DB or KB Weighted Pullups, AMRAP 15 seconds (50# M/35# W - suspended from hips or held between legs)
Rest 45 seconds
Burpees, AMRAP 15 seconds
Rest 45 seconds

Weighted PU
5. Gym WOD - "Death By 10m Sprints"