Monday, July 15

Hey everyone!  Our local competition season isnearing!  You've all been training hard and now it's time to put your training to the test!

  • T-364Amanda will lead us off by competing in the Scorcher Throwdown on August 3rd.  Plan to go down and cheer her on!  We are making shirts for the CrossFit Flagstaff competitors and cheering supporters so we stand out in a crowd!

  • Ac2AC2 will be October 5th this year!  Details to come.  Registration will open sometime in early September and CFF will be notified of it earlier than the rest of the state.

  • SicestSICest of the SW is October 19th and registration is open for teams only, individuals has already filled.  We have currently have 6 teams registered and there's room for more.  2 more guys are open to being on a team, if a couple gals want to join them!

    • Rx'd Team #1: Jesse, Ryland, Amanda, Tara
      Rx'd Team #2: David G, Mike, Lisa, Dawn
      Rx'd Team #3: David K, David W, Chelsey, Karry
      Intermediate Team #1: Zach W, Josh M, Rachel L, Audrey
      Intermediate Team #2:  Ben W, Steven R, Krystin, Julie
      Intermediate Team #3:  Brodie, Kenny, Lindsay, Heather
  • FuryFurious 6 on November 9th at CrossFit Fury.  No details on this one yet.



1.  Wendler Phase 3

    75% of training weight x5
    85% of training weight x3
    95% of training weight x1+

2.  As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes:
7 DB Bent-Over Rows
7 DB Power Cleans
7 DB Push Presses

*Use 50 lb./35 lb. dumbells

Post total rounds completed.

3.  Gym WOD - Maxes: Pullup, Bench, Row