Monday, July 22

"Fear is your friend.  Fear is an indicator.
Sometimes it shows you what you shouldn't do.
More often than not, it shows you exactly what you should do."  
-Tim Ferriss


1.  Wendler Deload Phase - Back Squat and Bench Press

The idea of any deload is to give the body a rest so it can recover and then move forward. You can't step on the gas all the time.
90% of 1RM is baseline to calculate other percentages off of.  Don't go up in weight any further than that!  Be very proficient to form and perfect bar path.

    40% x5 Reps
    50% x5 Reps
    60% x5 Reps

NO max reps on last set, only 5.

2. C2B Pullups
1 x max reps

3. 300 Double Unders For Time.  Every time you mess up, do 3 Burpees.

4.  Gym WOD - Shoulder Press and Pullups