Miguel Flores 5/1/86 -12/8/08, RIP

Today is the day that we celebrate a young man's life that touched so many more hearts then I think he or any of us ever realized.  Miguel Flores was an avid CrossFitter who pushed himself to the limits and always raised the bar.  Not only was he a phenomenal CrossFitter but also a warm hearted and caring man that put smiles on the faces of everyone around him.  CrossFit San Diego and all surrounding affiliates are blessed to have known such a great man. This day is for you brother!

CrossFit San Diego

MiguelFloresGames-th WOD

 "Miguel CFSD, A.K.A. McFlurry" tribute video

For time:

400m Run
  21 185 lb. Cleans (Miguel's Body Weight)
  21 Pullups
IMG_3456 400m Run
  15 Dumbbell Thrusters
-50 lb. M/35 lb. W
  15 Pullups
400m Run
  9 Cleans 
-185 lb. M/135 lb. W
  9 Pullups
400m Run

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Miggs2 Miguel Flores.

IMG_3284 IMG_3285 IMG_3289IMG_3365

Ali? You out there?

IMG_3296 IMG_3357 IMG_3350 IMG_3363 IMG_3340 IMG_3325 

Cullen laid it all out on the mat today for this workout.  Impressive intensity.

IMG_3308 IMG_3323 IMG_3341

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