Med Ball Clean and Jerk


Img_3607_crop_2Tony teaches a strong group of athletes the importance of good form in the squat.  The squat is the fundamental foundation of many movements in CrossFit as well as life in general.

Quick progress was made to the clean and jerk, teaching the functionality of moving weight quickly and efficiently from the ground to overhead.

Ryan demonstrates excellent overhead form in the jerk with shoulders high, elbows locked out, weight straight overhead.

Med Ball Clean and Jerk for 15 minutes
Start with 2 reps the first minute, 3 reps the 3rd minute, 4 reps the 4th minute, adding another rep each minute, resting when given number of reps are completed.  If, in any given minute, you can't complete the number of reps accumulated in that minute, start over at 2 reps and build again.

Skills practice on various exercises, including ab blaster med ball situps.  Using a lightweight medicine ball, touching it to the ground above the head, throwing it just as the situp initiates off the ground.  Ryan and Jerimiah duke it out as Tony officiates.