Med Balls and Barbells

IMG_6296CrossFit WODFor time: 42 Medicine Ball Cleans - 20# 21 body-weight Bench Presses 30 Medicine Ball Cleans 15 body-weight Bench Presses 18 Medicine Ball Cleans 9 body-weight Bench Presses

IMG_629912-15 min. time domain

The load and reps are synchronized to balance intensity and maintaining excellent mechanics. Strive to keep the bench presses completed within 3 attempts each round. Decrease the load to 3/4 body weight if needed.

Strength Focus Push Press 5x5 across

Watch CrossFit Games mainstay Dan Bailey do this workout–on a boat.

IMG_6277IMG_6276IMG_6278 Perform a clean using a weighted medicine ball. Great for learning the technique for the barbell clean, especially the difficult straight-arm shrug.  The med ball Clean is a great tool for exposing faults in the barbell Clean, and dialing in the proper positions and sequencing of when the hips fire and the arms pull the athlete to the receiving position. IMG_6247 IMG_6263 IMG_6253 IMG_6266 IMG_6215IMG_6211 IMG_6210IMG_6274 IMG_6269 IMG_6265IMG_6267 IMG_6252

The medicine ball Clean looks simple enough right?  Well don’t let it fool you, it’s not easy to do well and leaves a nasty punch in a workout, especially when performed correctly.

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