May Monthly Challenge

We will be doing a lot of strength training this month, in conjunction with intense met-con workouts.  You may have noticed a bit of change to the workouts over the last couple of weeks with our "Buy In" and "Cash Out" on the board.


The May Challenge is to see if that additional strength focus is making you stronger!  Those Buy Ins can be looked at in a couple of different ways.  You can blow through them at a light to moderate weight and use them as form and technique review, keeping the movement fresh for when we do hit them in maximal load training days.  Or, you can hit them hard, getting the benefit of the technique and the strength training.  Don't take them for granted, either way.  This month, I encourage you to hit them hard and make a real difference in your strength foundation.  This kind of training is a great opportunity to work that aspect of your training consistently.

IMG_3214 IMG_0322 IMG_0288
We will do the CrossFit Total as your benchmark for this Challenge on Monday.  It will be repeated in early June as a comparison.  Put some weight on that bar!  Push yourself to failure!  You are ALWAYS stronger and capable of one more rep than you think you are!