May Free Saturday- Sevens!

Welcome to CrossFit Flagstaff's
May Free Saturday Event!

Thank you to all who came out and tested the waters of CrossFit, learning how to pick up heavy objects from the ground properly, and how to squat through a full range of motion, safely!

Big thanks to all our coaches for the help and encouragement!  You guys gave really great instruction today, proving you pay attention to technique and learn well during your own classes!


Teams of 2 For Load: Partner Deadlifts 7-7-7 rep sets

Then, individually, As Many Rounds As Possible in 7 minutes of:

Compare to Sept. 2010

IMG_4257 IMG_4257 IMG_4257 IMG_4257IMG_4249 IMG_4261 IMG_4261 IMG_4251 IMG_4251 IMG_4251 IMG_4285 IMG_4285 IMG_4216 IMG_4216 IMG_4216 IMG_4226 IMG_4226