May Free Saturday - May 14th

Next Saturday, May 14th, is FREE SATURDAY! Bring your friends and family! Help them get a leg up on LIFE!!! All experience and fitness levels are welcome. WHEREVER you are is your start point!
"Waiting to be "fit" enough to Crossfit is like waiting for the right time to have kids.....
It doesn't exist, it's just what we tell ourselves because we are intimidated by the mere thought of change in our lives. No one likes change, but most times change is necessary.
There is so much diversity in a Crossfit gym it's hard to understand what is intimidating. There are all ages, sizes and levels of fitness. No one is there to belittle anyone and the only mirror you'll find is in the bathroom. It's definitely not a meat market and yes there are lots of women. Women who are strong and beautiful and most likely going to out lift you...
Just saying....."
- thank you for the great reminder, Brittany! We miss you!