March Free Saturday!

So many new faces joined us today for a fun warmup and team workout!  Great job to all those who came and learned and played a new sport - the sport of FITNESS! IMG_5545Team WOD For time: 1 round of:   100 Double-unders   50 Squats   25 Push Press -  95# M/65# W Then, 2 rounds of:   60 Double-unders   IMG_549830 Squats   15 Push Press Then, 3 rounds of:   40 Double-unders   20 Squats   10 push Press

1 athlete works at a time. Rd. 1 Divide 1/2 per athlete Rd. 2 and 3, divide reps and rounds as needed.

IMG_5445 IMG_5496 The games we play - kids and adults combined had a great time warming up together!

IMG_5534 IMG_5520 IMG_5492IMG_5458 IMG_5453 IMG_5446

CrossFit - the “Sport of Fitness”. CrossFit is the workout phenomenon that is sweeping the nation. Simply put, it’s a strength & conditioning regimen made into a workout and a game where you’re often competing against others in your class for the best time, most weight, and/or most amount of work done in a given time. These workouts include a greater degree of intensity and complexity. You’ll be exposed to the best that the CrossFit has to offer – gymnastics, Olympic lifting, plyometrics, sprinting, etc…. No gimmicks, just proven methods for getting individuals strong, fast and fit. Our coaches will provide you with the tools to push yourself beyond what you thought was achievable.  We modify the workouts per individual ability and everyone has a great time together!

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The Power of the CrossFit Community

The sense of community at CrossFit is unique.  Everyone knows one another, there is always someone to help with technique, you compare workout results, discuss competitions, nutrition ideas, how to get a pullup, etc.  Often, people stay around after they finish their workout, to provide moral and verbal support to others finishing their workouts, or just hang out and enjoy the company and vibrant environment.  The importance of social support is that it provides motivation.  Without that encouragement, many would not try or accomplish many of the things that push them to explore unknown capabilities, new movements, and higher intensity efforts.

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