Make Up Wednesday


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Look who got her first HSPU's and a break-through on Pistols today!  Two Rx'd rounds of "Mary" as a result!  Strong work, Keana!

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The new Wall Ball skulls make Kathy very happy!

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Nailed it, Ali!     Great to have Cherie and Matt Chan visit today! (CF Verve, CO)
Great job to Ingrid (and Tara G and Liberty, yesterday) on their 1st "As Rx'd" WOD!  "That Happened" for them, for sure!

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We bid farewell to Ben Withey today as he moves to Denver.  It has been really great having you as part of our community, Ben.  You were a GREAT teammate for our Ragnar Las Vegas team, had a STRONG showing at AC2 last Saturday, and exited with a PR on your Clean and Jerk today!  You'll certainly be missed and we will look forward to visits and a hopeful return to Flagstaff in the future!  Good luck to you!!!  Stay strong in Denver!

IMG_1944As Ben leaves us with his last class, Eric G. joins us for his first class! Great to have you, Eric! Welcome!

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