Make Up Sunday - Including the AC2 WODs!


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"Lauriel" For Time: (20 minute cap)
23 Deadlifts
23 Handstand Pushups
23 Back Squats
23 Burpees
23 Ground-to-Overhead

RX'D - 155# M/105# W, kipping allowed on HSPU
Scaled - 135# M/95# W, green/blue band combo assisted HSPU

For both RX and Scaled, no rack is used.

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Welcome to your first CFF class, Tish! Great to have you and Paul join us!

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"Last Athlete Standing"

Rx'd 105# M/75# W, 30" M/24" W, Scaled 95# M/65# W, 24" M/20" W

On the 1st minute, 1 Hang Power Snatch, 1 Box Jump
On the 2nd min, 2 HPS, 2 BJ
On the 3rd min, 3 HSP, 3 BJ
And so on, until the reps for the given minute can't be completed.

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Happy Birthday to Coz, yesterday!!!

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