Make Up Day

Make up the workout you missed over the last 3 days, strengthen your core with Core class, or work on a skill/"goat", or......REST!! IMG_3912IMG_3885 IMG_3879


One of the most commonly cited theories of making training adaptations (ie: getting stronger, building muscle, increasing endurance and general badassery) is called the One-Factor Theory or more commonly known as Theory of Supercompensation.” (Zatsiorsky & Kraemer, 2006)

According to Zatsiorsky and Kraemer, supercompensation is characterized by a period of “depletion” following exercise and then a rebound effect known as “restoration”  Supercompensation occurs after the restoration period where your level of fitness is higher then it was before your last training session. (Zatsiorsky & Kraemer, 2006)

Ideally, you’d want to exercise or train again right at the peak of your supercompensation period.

If you train again too soon, you didn’t give yourself enough time for proper recovery.  If you wait too long to train again, you lose the gains you’ve made from training.

We make most progress when we rest.  Our bodies also mend and heal when we rest as well.  If you want to keep your body healthy over the years as well as to perform like an animal you’ll want to keep this idea in mind.

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