Make Up Sunday

IMG_8415Lot's of good stuff happening in the gym today!  Making up workouts missed from the past week, Strength Focus, Oly lifting, Double Under practice to prepare for the Open, CrossFit MOM workouts - making upcoming mom's stronger!, and a little KING KONG to boot!

IMG_8364IMG_8366IMG_8367 TeamWORK happening with these 3!

IMG_8371 IMG_8372Double Dippin'!

IMG_8380 IMG_8378 IMG_8374 Strength Focus, CF Mom WOD, and Oly practice! IMG_8381IMG_8386 IMG_8383 IMG_8384 IMG_8385 David ran a test on going heavy and gymnastics in the great equalizer - King Kong - with an 8:45 time, Rx'd!

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