Make Up - Drop Dead on the Bike Buffet

Welcome Back Danny! Great to have you back from Phoenix and in the CFF Community again while you're in Grad School! Oh... and NICE 15# Snatch PR!!

                        Joyce is loving CrossFit and looks BEAUTIFUL doing it!

These ladies are hard CORE regulars. The Thursday CORE work outs are meant to build better body awareness and mid-line strength.

Autumn got another PR for the week! 15# Snatch PR!   Justin is really enjoying racking up the calories on Tuesday's workout!

Casey had some of the best Cleans I have ever seen him do today.  We have discussed recently how he dives his hips to far forward to get under the bar, and it often results in a "toesey" front squat receiving position.  After widening his grip on the bar and watching some videos and working on pulling straight down under the bar, he nailed a much better position today.   Next in line on the same application of working on the skills, proper timing, and positions of a movement is Sarah Bremer.  Sarah go ALL of her Toes-to-Bar in the workout for the first time.  They CLICKED today!

Listen, observe, learn, do the skill work = succeed. Great job!

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