Make Up and Core Thursday


Toes to bar, kipping pull ups, butterfly pull ups, bar muscle ups, and ring muscle ups! What do they all have in common? All of these movements allow us to do more work in less time by utilizing the kip swing. For those of you looking to achieve or improve these skills, do not overlook the development of your kip swing. Just like air squats are to over head squats, front squats, and back squats the kip swing is to any successful bar or ring skill. Building this fundamental movement is a critical step to achieve your first pull up, muscle up, toes to bar, etc... but too many of us skip this crucial aspect. For those of us who have a kipping pull up and are so close to achieving a ring or bar muscle up or connecting multiple attempts, refinement of the kip is most likely what you need to progress in your bar and ring skill level. Before you tirelessly work to try and move forward, look back and correct minor faults that will allow you to work more efficiently and effectively. Develop a short and small kip, then meticulously increase your range of motion, and finish by adding controlled aggression and intensity to your kip. Here are a couple of tips and common faults to look out for when developing and refining your kip swing.