Thursday Make Up - CFF Changes - and 10 year Anniversary!!


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 Hello CrossFit Flagstaff!

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We are nearing our 10 year anniversary, officially August 3rd, of being a thriving CrossFit affiliate! So amazing to think that it's been 10 years!  On Saturday, August 20th we will hold a 10 year celebration party with a team workout!  Put it on your calendars and start gathering a 4-person team!  More details on that to come.

The past decade has been such an amazing, rewarding and unforgettable journey. We have been so lucky to have the opportunity to be a part of hundreds of people's lives. We have shared lots of birthdays, weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, happy hours, holidays, parties, and multitudes of your accomplishments.... We have been blessed with so many great friendships. But nothing would have been possible without the support and encouragement of our amazing coaches, especially Tara, who takes care of our CF Flagstaff community like it was her very own and has been with us from the very beginning of that 10 year journey. This community that we have created is YOU and without you CrossFit Flagstaff would only be an empty building with some equipment. Thank You, all of you, for being part of this amazing community. We love you!

As with approaching any milestone in one's life, this anniversary and our trip to South America highlight a time and need for change for Mike and Lisa.  We think we have a pretty amazing staff and gym, but to be excellent and continue to provide the best education and training for YOU that we can, we see areas of improvement.  There cannot be progress without change.
Some of these changes you have seen us working on already, others you have heard about.  We want to outline the major points we are working to improve upon and then invite everyone to approach us with any questions you may have.  PLEASE seek us out.  Mike and Lisa can provide direct facts for you and will always be available to you for any concerns, questions, or comments going forward.

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1.  Improved class organization and integrity - getting more from your hour.  Increased education about the workouts and their intent, more individual attention in appropriate modifications, better time management, and a cool down session at the end of class. There will also be a bigger push on holding our athletes to higher levels of integrity in proper form and range of motion versus chasing "Rx'd" at all costs, as well as encouraging more clear methods of rep counting within workouts.

2.  Barbell Club - As of July 1 a new addition will be implemented into the annex bay and will replace our Strength Focus and current Oly-lifting classes.  Olympic weightlifting, Power lifting, Strongman/Highlands Games training and programming will be available under a coach who's education is specific to that focus.  We welcome Michael Hooker to our team as that coach.  He comes from San Diego, where he worked with CrossFit San Diego and their lifters, as well as being a competitive lifter and athlete in the Highland Games.  We will be putting this club on a 3 month trial basis to see what interest there is in the Flagstaff community for a place to come in and lift and get coaching specific to the these focuses. To begin with, the Flagstaff BBC will be open from 4:00-8:00 pm weekdays and 5:30-6:30 am Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. This early time will give those who have been utilizing the 5:30 am Strength Focus classes an opportunity to still get their strength work done before the 6:00 am CrossFit class.  Private coaching will be available in the other hours.  All memberships remain the same and include the use of the entire gym and any programs we offer, for all.

We will put on an Open House on Monday June 20 at 6:00 pm to introduce this program to anyone who has questions and wants to meet the coach.  Please feel free to attend and share this with anyone you know looking for a place to be able to drop barbells from higher than their collar bones and heavier than a kettlebell.


3.  OTB and BRKFST CLUB - Once a month we will be setting up "Out Of the Box" workouts in various places outside and in other facilities such as the pool, bouldering gym, and gymnastics gym, and runs and hikes out in the forest.  Also, as you saw from our recent post on the website, BRKFSTCLB  is a random team workout with the trainers that we will hold occasionally on some early Saturday mornings.  Stay tuned for posts on Facebook and our whiteboard when these events pop up!  These are great community builders, and all are welcome!
4. Punchard Membership now available -  With the addition of Barbell Club and hopefully growing our yoga program, we have decided to offer the Punchcard as a method of membership.

Our rates will be posted as follows:

Private Training:  $300 for 6 one-on-one sessions All inclusive gym and coaching membership: $150 ($8/class for 4 attendances per week) 10 attendance Punchcard: $130 (expires in 1 year)


5.  Nutrition Counseling - Tara is available for body composition testing, nutrition plan advice and guidance, and cooking education for a 3-month coaching commitment. Her education and experience are a great value at $300 for that 3-month commitment or $55/single session.  Take your fitness to the next level with changing the fuel and capitalizing on it's effects!

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6.  Changing of the Guard - Lindsay will be leaving her position as our gym manager to continue with her PhD program.  We are sad to lose her, but certainly support her aspirations for higher education and expanding her expertise in her field of education.  She plans to continue to coach some classes when she can.  Mike and I have deliberated at length on who might be best to fill her big shoes.  Recently, a CrossFit trainer and business manager moved to Flagstaff from Maine and joined us as an athlete.  Preston Gilbert comes to us with extremely high regard and glowing references from 2 different business and gym owners in Maine, where he was their business manager and coach for 3+ years.  We have also heard nothing but great reviews from several of the coaches and athletes he left behind when he moved here with his daughter, Talia.  We have been advised multiple times that their loss needs to be our gain.  With those endorsements, we have offered the position to Preston.  We have great confidence that he will be a vibrant member of our community, and help us drive CrossFit Flagstaff to even greater heights as a CrossFit affiliate with his expertise and background in business management.  Please connect with him and get to know him and he will be working hard to do the same with you!
Lindsay Eli Preston Talia

7.  Consistently elevated training staff - We are so grateful we have the honor of having so many people interested in being involved on our coaching staff.  Many have full time jobs and family to take care of, so we know it gets challenging to get in here to teach classes for us when we need them so much.  But they do it because they love it.  That gives us the ability to offer a variety in who you work with; a broad spectrum of cues and coaching styles.  However, it makes it a challenge to cover the schedule as well.  To bring a little more consistency to our classes and the ability to have a cohesive team, we are going to move to a platform of having a few coaches be more consistently filling our positions so we can give them more hours and a steady base of work, and not ask so much of those who already have commitments.  Daniel, Laura, Joel, Katie, and Scott will still be teaching for us, but punching in on a more as-needed/as-available basis so they aren't stretched thin with their own jobs, and pulled away from their homes and missing out on their own training so much.

Tara is very much our head trainer and is the heart and soul of this community and remains at the helm of your care.  Preston will bring his expertise to the table and teach alongside his managerial role.  We also bring on John Castaneda who just graduated from NAU with an exercise and wellness degree, an Olympic weightlifting coaching internship, and just earned his CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Weightlifting trainer certificates.  He is going through his internship with us through the Summer and hopes to come officially on staff in September.  Lindsay will also continue to coach in conjunction with her school and travel schedule, and Amanda will continue to progress your children to greater heights of fitness and self confidence as a CrossFit Kids instructor.  All of them have goals for continued education and professional growth this coming year, increasing their knowledge and expertise so we offer the highest caliber of trainers possible.  We are the only CrossFit affiliate in AZ to offer two Level 4 coaches.  Soon our staff will have Level 3 and our minimum education requirement will be Level 2.  Not to mention the multiple specialty focuses they are constantly learning about to stay current on all the multiple facets of CrossFit movement development.

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8.  CrossFit Flagstaff as a health and wellness institution - Over the course of the coming year, we intend to increase our focus on training our athletes to be stronger and healthier for their life.  The Games brought a big focus on CrossFit for competition, but that is not CrossFit founder Greg Glassman's primary vision for CrossFit.  Nor is it truly for us.  While we want to help athletes succeed and perform at higher levels in their sport, and while we love competition and want to see all who are interested in it achieve their goals, our primary driver is to make your daily lives BETTER.  To not suck at life!  With that in mind, CrossFit Flagstaff is looking to bring in more health and wellness professionals under our roof.

Tiana will soon be graduating from PT school and will be offering injury prevention coaching and using CrossFit to prevent and rehabilitate injury.  As she builds her expertise and experience, she will be offering her service and utilizing her education to potentially grow a part-time practice at CrossFit Flagstaff.  Katie is constantly growing her amazing massage business and it is wonderful to have her on site.  We are happy to have a massage therapist available to provide post-workout body work and soft tissue care.  She will also consider eventually starting a mobility class as an additional injury prevention and restorative class for our workouts, alongside Tiana's popular yoga class.  We are opening up the Third Space part of our gym to rent the offices to other allied health providers such as acupuncture and chiropractic.  If anyone knows of someone in these professions looking for a space to practice out of, please let them know to contact us.  The living room/kitchen will be available to rent as a venue for yoga and small events on the weekends.  We will also continue to hold cooking classes and nutrition talks there in the future.  Please contact us for more details about this space.
TRue Health Massage TnT

9.  Shin Guards and Ropes - Due to the health concerns we have about the rope burns that frequently occur during rope climbs, we are going to start to require long socks, shin guards, or long pants be worn when climbing the rope.  Please have these stored in your gym bags and lockers, as it will be a requirement in order to do rope climbs going forward.  There will be no exceptions.

We understand this is a lot to take in and may feel overwhelming. We are making every effort to phase them in as seamlessly as possible and have only positive impact.  They are all intended to be positive alterations and every one of them has been given careful thought for months, to ensure we are making the best choices to provide excellence for our community.  Please know both Mike and Lisa are always happy to talk freely and answer any questions you may have.  It's better to seek direct facts from them than to speculate and wonder and assume. Lisa has been cutting back on how much she teaches for CrossFit HQ so that she can be more available to CrossFit Flagstaff.  She will maintain 1-2 seminars per month, but her focus is ever more present for YOU.  She will be available to assist with teaching the classes and provide more focus on trainer development and quality assurance.

How we get better also comes from you.  You have a voice.  PLEASE feel welcome to share your thoughts with us!

Thank you,
Lisa and Mike
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