Make UP After AC^2

IMG_1411Make up day!  Make up a strength focus workout, Homeward Bound, or an AC^2 workout you wished you could have competed in! IMG_1399 IMG_1396 IMG_1403 IMG_1408 Or practice for SICest of the SW competition coming up!

IMG_1392 IMG_1383

OR get your first muscle up!!!  Congratulations, George!    GeorgeMU (video proof)

Congrats to our competitors from our gym in AC^2 yesterday!  Unfortunately we are missing Krystin, Kristin, Jimena, Sarah B, Lindsay, Kait, Steven, Justin, David G., Kenny (2nd place finisher in the Men's Scaled division!), Brodie, Chris F., and Dan, as well as the rest of our kids who competed - Dylan, Mia, and Haylee, and our CHS girls - Ariel, Alena, Vivien (who took 3rd in the final placings for the Teen Girls!), and Drew .  Super proud of everyone!

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