"Macho Man" Strikes Again!

IMG_5951CrossFit WOD
"Macho Man"
On-the-Minute for as long as possible:
  3 Power Cleans
  3 Front Squats
  3 Jerks
(165# M,115# W)

Try to get 5-9 rds.  If you can't complete 5 rds, go down in weight and keep going.                       Compare to December 2012

Strength Focus:  Bench Press - Heavy Set of 5

IMG_5916 IMG_5916

"The Medicine Ball Clean: Part 1" with Russell Berger - video [wmv] [mov]

"The Medicine Ball Clean: Part 2" with Russell Berger - video [wmv] [mov]


IMG_5912 IMG_5912 IMG_5912

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Hope For Kenya workout is tomorrow!

"Why Hope For Kenya" - [video]

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