Macho Man

1. Power Clean
Establish 1RM, for today in 30 min.

2. "Macho Man"
OTM For as long as possible...
3 Power Cleans, 3 Front Squats, 3 Jerks -165# M/115# W

Try to get 5-9 rds.  If you can't complete 5 rds, go down in weight and keep going.

IMG_24943. Finisher, choose one or two:
A.  Ring Dips
30 reps for time

B.  Rope Climbs
5 x 15' Rope Climbs

C.  L-Sits
IMG_24935 sets:  10 seconds of L-sit hold

D:  Toes To Bar
5 sets: x 6 unbroken reps

E. Double Unders
150 for time

IMG_2484 IMG_2484 IMG_2490 IMG_2490 IMG_2475 IMG_2475 IMG_2475

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