"Look Better, Feel Better, Perform Better" Nutrition Challenge Results!

Congratulations to all those who participated in the "Look Better, Feel Better, Perform Better" Nutrition Challenge!!!! 
Everyone got out of it exactly what they put into it and there were SO many success stories!  A prize should go to every person who stuck with it, though your true prize is the result of your effort and focus on changing your habits and choosing more wisely, the fuel you put into your body!



Congratulations to Beth!  Not only did she have great success in her "Look Better and Feel Better" numbers, but she took first place in the "Perform Better" category with the greatest gains in her workouts!



Matt Shaw saw the greatest change in body fat lost! 



Kara and Aileah were awarded for the greatest improvement on average across all our parameters!

IMG_2092 IMG_9156


Ann had GREAT overall improvements in every category due to her diligence and adherence in sticking to the Challenge and earning the greatest amount of points!  You get out of it exactly what you put into it!  Nice work, Ann!!

IMG_3118 IMG_6019


And final congrats to all those who earned money back! Your efforts paid off! I see it in all of you!


For the November Encore Challenge, taking the Nutrition Challenge through the Thanksgiving Holiday and reinforcing their new lifestyle changes through a solid 3 months, Tara and Kim tied in their overall points between body composition changes and performance increases and adherence to requirements of the Challenge!  Great job, Girls!

IMG_7657 IMG_1542 IMG_6282 IMG_7263

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