"Lift Luke Up"

"LUKE"     Lift Luke Up Video IMG_0482 IMG_04815 MIN AMRAP: 4 Power Cleans: 155 M/105 W 24 Double Unders 10 Pullups

As a team of 4, 2 men/2 women preferable: score is total reps accomplished by the team.  Each teammate goes and gets their own individual 5 minute score and is followed by the next, until each has completed their 5 min workout.

Strength Focus: Complete 5 rounds:

  • 3 Back Squats (add 5# total to most recent 5RM)
  • 5 Box Jumps -36"M/ 30"W

Rest 2 Minutes between rounds

IMG_0408 IMG_0406 IMG_0404IMG_0418 IMG_0420 IMG_0422IMG_0432 IMG_0423IMG_0457 IMG_0460IMG_0461 IMG_0437 IMG_0442

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