Lift Heavy and Be Better Today - and GYM UPDATES

Make Up THURSDAY!  What did you miss this week, in your recovery from the CrossFit Open?

Monday - "J" - Be Better Today

Tuesday - Deadlift for a heavy single

Wednesday - Hang Power Snatch for a heavy set of 3

or .... CORE!

It's the days when you have to do things that scare you, when you have to take risks, when you have to push against challenge and difficulty - those are the days that make you stronger, faster, and better overall. - ben bergeron

Welcome to Megan, who has just joined our Foundations course this week - AND got her first double unders on her first try!!!!  Also welcome to Devid, visiting us from Italy - who pretty much crushed "J" at 7,000' elevation!  And THEN there is GERI WHO PR'D her deadlift tonight, breaking the ol' 2-hundie with strong grip!


In case you didn't get the email:

Hello CrossFit Flagstaff!

We have a few updates to make you aware of for the next couple of months.
First though, we wanted to thank you again for your contribution to the new equipment fund.  People are really enjoying the ski ergs as a new way of metabolic conditioning torture.  They have also been a great alternative for people who are injured and unable to run or row.  The new boxes are SO much easier to store and look great!  We still have a few older boxes for sale.  If those aren't claimed by April, we will find new homes for them outside the gym.
As for upcoming changes for April,
1.  As of April 1, we will be removing the 3:00 class from our schedule.  Due to low attendance and limitations in staffing, this time will no longer be a time the gym is open.  After the noon class ends, the gym will be closed until the 4:00 class resumes business hours each week day.  Thank you for your understanding.
2.  You will see some new names on the training schedule!  We welcome our interns into coaching positions!  Ben Mimran, Danny Kimball, and Jay Swan are joining our team and will be officially teaching classes on a more consistent basis!  Welcome to the CrossFit Flagstaff team, guys!
3.  Matt Chan and Eric O'Connor will be doing our gym programming, which is really exciting.  They offer a great programming platform which includes the ability to log your workout data and allows the trainers to see that data.  It will be a great tracking method as well as programming! They will also be doing the Comp Squad supplemental programming for our Annex Pass training.
We are looking forward to a fresh approach and some new motivation with this programming!  At this time, the programming will be cut and pasted into our current Google calendar while Matt and Eric make some changes to their programming design platform.  Likely in May, to view the programming calendar, you will each download an app to your phone and receive a login for the workouts.  This login will also work on their website, which can be accessed through a link on our website where our programming calendar currently resides.
Thank you for your patience as we move through these transitions, continuing to strive to provide the best CrossFit and life training to our community that we possibly can.
Mike and Lisa
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